The energy industry is undergoing profound and rapid change.  Improvements in renewable generation technology and increased potential for energy storage are enabling an energy future that is more flexible, democratic, and clean than previously thought possible.   

Estuary creates innovative power projects which use state-of-the-art technologies and creative commercial and financial structures to meet the specific power needs of our markets and customers.  We have a deep understanding of both our physical markets and the capital markets, which we combine to create responsive, robust projects.  

Estuary develops projects from conceptualization through detailed development through financial close.  We are responsible every aspect of our developments, including siting, permitting, interconnection, design, procurement, construction, and financing.  We also partner with and advise other developers when our capabilities can help make their projects a reality.  

Estuary's key success factors: 

Independence – Estuary selects the best technology, partners, and financing for each project.  

Flexible, creative commercial structuring Estuary structures projects specifically to meet customer objectives, including build-transfers, long-term revenue agreements, and development partnerships.

Institutional legacy and life cycle perspective – Estuary’s principal has 20+ years of experience as a developer, investor, financier, and manager of energy and utility projects.  Estuary’s project development meets the exacting standards of institutional investors, project lenders, and long-term owners. 

Professional project management – Estuary leads projects in partnership with the best subject matter experts in each of our markets.  Our philosophy is centered on critical path analysis and creating multiple routes to project success.